May 9, 2018 Event


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Dr. Jeffrey Coil, certified specialist in Endodontics, will be speaking on the topic of Endodontic Instrumentation.

Dr. Rajan Saini, certified specialist in Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology, will be speaking on the topic of Phantom Tooth Pain: Uncovering the Mysteries (synopsis below). We look forward to your participation…

  • Every now or then in our dental practice, we come across a perplexing case of tooth pain for which no odontogenic cause can be recognized.
  • Phantom tooth pain also called atypical odontalgia, or a psychogenic toothache is a neuropathic pain characterized by chronic pain in a tooth or teeth, or at a site where teeth have been extracted or following an endodontic treatment, without an identifiable clinical or radiographic cause. Over time, the pain may spread to involve more extensive areas of the face or jaws.
  • In this talk, I will discuss phantom tooth pain, briefly explaining the relevant pain pathways involved and basic concepts of neuropathic pain. I will also review various orofacial pain conditions that could result in phantom tooth pain and management strategies of this type of pain condition to help your patients in your office.

Hope to see everyone there..

Ruby Bhullar, ICDA Board of Directors

Event Fee : $75 CAD

  • Free for ICDA Lifetime Members and 2018 Annual Members
  • 5% Sevice Tax will be added in the paypal payment page.


May 9, 2018.

Location :

Bombay Banquet Hall, 7475 135 Street, Surrey, BC, V3W-0M8.


5:30pm – 6pm Registration

6pm – 7:30pm Dr. Jeffrey Coil

7:30pm – 8pm Networking

8pm – 9pm Dr. Rajan Saini

Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

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